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Goodbye eBay (for now)

Posted by Derrick Lora Griffin on

Hi! How are you?
Thank you for your support!
We have a few new updates for October (Sorry for the length):
eBay store account suspension
(100% willing to provide screenshots of responses from eBay by Request - Yes this is real)
If you are wondering what happened to our eBay store and all of our items, they have been removed from eBay due to an account suspension. Currently we owe a large amount of eBay seller fees (over $1700) due to allocating our earnings to pay another hefty bill that was the same amount so that we can continue doing business. We have tried to work a payment plan with eBay collections (after unsuccessful talks with customer support, no call backs or confirmations - weeks of waiting for a response for payments to lapse over, etc.), however they have refused to lift the restriction and remove our account until the seller fees are paid in full. A number of you have sent an email and/or called us asking about our listings yesterday. Over 2,000 listings were removed.
We are faced with a few issues that have had us make a huge decision
First things first, it is our fault that we were not able to pay the seller fees, and have let you all down. We are very sorry and we wish it never came down to this. It was a split decision - it was either be without lights for over 4 months (which we were out since May 2018) or without eBay. Every month it was the same decision.
Because eBay suspended our account, some of the listings were deleted from the site whether purchases were actively shipped or not. We literally had to call eBay to have a customer support rep explain in words as best as they could what was missing so that we could package the orders, which has both the seller and the customer at a lost unless working outside of eBay. It is terrible practice for a company to remove a seller without first communicating with the customer! Especially after they had just made purchases to items less than 24 hours ago that are no longer available on their site. The listing was removed entirely, so you could not see the image of the order or the name. No one would ever know about this issue unless they experienced how eBay removes listings. This has happened before when our Nude Original Comic Art (Yes the ones that were censored in black bars) were completely removed from eBay. Instead of asking us to move them to the place they would like us to list in (which was not consistent across the board from seller to seller (tried to get some clarification from support which they have agreed did not make sense- in their eyes the entire comic art section needed to go in the Adult Section whether the women had clothes on or not - some of you know what I mean), they decided to wipe all of the listings. We pay over $1000 to eBay in seller fees just about every month, and have never tried to "get over" on paying, however due to the hardship we faced, we had to let them go. To this day, we like to sell on eBay with all the issues we have faced since 2013, but we have to move on.
This is why we send e-mails outside of eBay and try to contact by other means in the first place. As artists, building relationships with people are one of the most important things that will hold no matter where we go.
We hope that you can continue to follow our journey as it is not over. This is what we have decided.
We will not go quiet, and will get back on track once and for all! We will get our account back and we would like to ask for your help. We are using our alternate selling channels as main channels and we would like for you to support us again and buy our works on our website.
In a previous email, we asked what you would like to see us draw more of and the responses were really awesome! We have made a large list of our next lineup or art as well as a commission complete list (yes we are behind and still need to catch up)
Our Artworks on Our Website:
We will officially start to focus 100% on building our inventory on our website with artwork that was on eBay and artwork never released for sale, as well as new artworks. Shopping on our site is much easier. Has wishlists, shopping cart as well as access to lots of discounts, bundles, we can create custom invoices and make a lot of things happen where we could not on our eBay store.
Selling Adult Artwork on Naughtybids
We will continue to list for bid and buy it now auctions on Naughtybids, which is Original Nude Art.
Special Videos, and Announcements on Patreon

We will continue to post our latest artwork both SFW and NSFW on Patreon before we add them up for sale, and will start posting videos. We would like to increase our patrons, and are working to make the perks much more desirable than before.
New Youtube Channel - Stay tuned for the Link in the Next Few Days
We have thought about it over sometime, and would like to start making vLogs and streams on Youtube which will include painting videos and much more. Our first video will address what we have discussed in this email as well as many other things we have come across.
Our Instagram Page
We have started posting works that we have done over the past few years on Instagram. Its October, and we are participating in Inktober. Inktober is where artists sharpen their skills and keep to posting ink drawings every day for the entire month of October.
Our Facebook Page
We are updating our Facebook Page and have started to provide Business Art Services again as we have done for a couple years. It also has our web store mirrored on the page as well.
ComicArt Fans - Still figuring this one out
A long time ago we had an account on ComicArt Fans, and we plan to ressurect it with Traditional Original Art as a showcase gallery. Stay tuned, as we will work to put something together for the site.
If you would like to help us in any way, please let us know. We are working the best that we can, and would like to excel above and beyond. We would not be where we are today if not for you. Thank you very much and hope to do business with you again.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Derrick & Lora Griffin
(aka Keyeske & Chykara)

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