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Thank You! Please Help As We Get In Order!

Posted by Derrick Lora Griffin on

We are working extremely hard to bring you our best. If there is anything that you are interested in and would like for us to draw more of, please let us know! We appreciate hearing from our customers because you mean the world to us.

You are more than just a customer, you are FAMILY! We are just writing today to discuss some of the things that are happening with us and to keep you updated with how things really are for us. Our close family and friends around us here do not appreciate and do not fully support what we do, and they really give us such a hard time. They do not understand our vision and would like us to quit drawing and "just get jobs because it's not working", which is very upsetting at times because we do not have our own family support, but we do understand their fears because we are taking a very tough route with our art careers - the career we are highly skilled in and have been doing for over 20 years.

We are taking huge risks and working beyond our limits to deliver our creations to the public for money in exchange and have been doing so together since I met my wife in 2006. It has been an awesome ride as well as a difficult one so far. Currently we are facing a few hardships while managing our art studio (KeyeskeKara Creations) and our software game development studio (MagiSoft Games).

Last month in May, with many art orders to fulfill, we have had our electricity shut off - trying as hard to hide that fact as a result by working through it, we have been behind on all orders from all three of our stores (eBay, Naughtybids as well as our own Webstore). As I mentioned in previous messages and notices, we have been continuing, purchasing labels and printing them elsewhere by other means and working on art, taking photos for new listings, and packaging during the day and powering our devices in public locations. We even have several blocks of ice in our refrigerator to keep our food fresh.

Yes it is tough, but we have to continue to prove ourselves and reach our goals. As anyone that has experienced a hardship, it is temporary and its always a place of learning what works and what does not. Some positive things that keep us motivated and going is our art, working together, and connecting with those that like and collect our artwork.

A couple months ago we did a custom Starfire comic cover commission and a few weeks ago we received a message and photo that it was CGC certified grade. It was exciting as we never had any of our works graded before! (to our knowledge) But, despite the positives, we have acknowledged that our hardship is creating some difficulty with us to continue and we need help.

We have drawn thousands of pieces but still face additional problems with what to draw next what people would be interested in, on top of getting exposure to new customers. This is definitely a issue on eBay considering that there are heavy problems that have created issues. One issue is selling nude comic art. I know you may have seen other artists list nudes, but last March we were suspended on eBay for a week for posting nude artwork in the original comic art section, even while carefully listing with censor bars.

eBay removed all our nude listings and instructed us to sell in the Adult Art section, which has presented 2 important issues that we continually try to address to eBay about. By listing our comic art in the Adult Art section, 1) we are not able to sell to customers that reside overseas (only US and Canada) and 2) it is costing us more to list auctions in regular categories outside of Collectibles which is included in our eBay Store Subscription. The nude restriction on eBay is not even across the board as they have a Risqué section in Postcard collectibles.

Despite all our issues and stress, we want to continue delivering our works. We have met some wonderful people online that have made us better artists and have taught us a lot about running a business. It is such an honor to sell to people and receive feedback to help improve our skills and who we are. We would be crazy to stop now and it would be a disservice to our customers. We don't want to quit and we don't want to just ask for donations (nothing wrong with donations, it's just we want to sell our art).

We rather work to create something that you would enjoy and support by receiving art in return. So, we need your ideas and your input in order to help us grow! What characters would you like to see? What can we do for you? What would you have interest in us drawing? Did we do something wrong? Did we mess up your order? Did we do our job of delivering what you ordered? Are we not open enough?

I know we are small (just my wife and I doing everything from drawing, painting, listing, answering messages, coding website and shipping orders) and not well known enough to get into Marvel, DC or Image comics (we have tried several times) BUT we have a great customer base.

I think we will end this update for now, sorry for writing so much. We are doing what we can, please contact us and we will work with you!



Keyeske and Chykara

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